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Includes facts and statistics, links to feminist resources on the web, and contact information for over 90 women's organizations.
Resources The Health Care Response to Domestic Violence Fact Sheet (1994)
Text of the Health Care Respose to Domestic Violence Fact Sheet, produced in 1994 by the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the Trauma Foundation, San Francisco, California.
Resources Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Index of links to feminist rousources and issues, including reproductive rights, sexual harassment and rape, domestic violence, women of color, politics, economic issues, global issues, and health.
Resources Women's Organizations
Contact information for women's organizations in areas including health, civil rights, politics, education, and employment. Please email with any updates, revisions, or additions.
Resources Women's Professional Orgs
Contact information for women's professional organizations. Please email with any updates, revisions, or additions.

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