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Feminism and Women's Studies


Personals Are Political

... And the Personals is Political

Who Me? Gloating?

Remember William Webster, former Attorney General of Missouri, who persuaded the U.S. Supreme Court to allow state limitations on access to abortion--you know, the Webster Decision? Well, Webster just pled guilty to two federal felony charges of conspiracy to defraud his state and converting state assets to his own use. Ho.

Fifty-Fifty or Fight

"To those who question whether women would change the nature of political power or whether political power would change the nature of women, there can be only one answer. ...Let's try it. Let's find out." Send $20 to WOMEN USA FUND, INC., (845 Third Avenue New York NY 10022 Tel: 212/759-7982 Fax: 212/759-8647) and receive the rest of an extremely good report directed by former Congresswomen Bella Abzug and Mim Kelber on ways to achieve gender balance in the world's governments by the year 2000.

Editors' Choice

Art Workshop Interanational, Assisi, Italy August 4-31. Professionals and begineers welcome. For the 18th year Edith Isaac- Rose and Bea Kreloff, artists and teachers, have organized a month of creative perfection. Write, paint, draw, learn, make an inner journey. A personal renaissance amidst the Renaissance: four weeks with room and board $2,790.

For futher salubrious details: Art Workshop International, 463 West Street, 1028 H, New York, NY 10014. 212/691-1159.

She Sez, He Sez Department: When the Judgement of Solomon is on the Record

In New York appellate court, lawyer Jordan Schiff was censured for using "vulgar, obscene and sexist epithets toward the anatomy and gender" of his opponent, Elizabeth Mark. A sample exchange cited by the New York Post:

She said
I would like this card marked as an exhibit, please.
He said
Bitch. You are the nastiest person I ever met, and I am going to be really all over you during the exam, so you'd better watch your ass.

So Elizabeth mark told it to the judge--in this case, Manhattan Civil Court Judge Jane Solomon. Judge Jane was not amused.

She Sez, He Sez II: The Judgement of Solomon Goes Off the Record--

that's the Congressional Record. Rep. Gerald Solomon (R-NY) wanted his angry words to fellow New Yorker Louise Slaughter, a Democrat, erased entirely from the Congressional Record. (An earlier, edited version showed him saying things like "You will regret that as long as you live.") Slaughter and female colleagues protested, but Holy Moly, Mr. Foley says his hands are tied until House Rules are changed.

Are You Going to Michigan

August 10-15. The annual Michigan Women's Music Festival at Walhalla will as always feature much invoking of the Goddess, nude gamboling on The Land (imagine a lesbian version of Bohemian Grove), banquets of dehydrated food, and highly imaginative spellings: womyn, wombmoon, etc. Bring DEET.

Susan B. Anthony Invites You Seneca Falls, New York. This August there will be a celebratory opening of her own museum and the town will once again be the site of a reenactment of the 1846 Women's Rights convention, the famous meeting of the First Feminists that called for universal suffrage. (Call the National Women's Hall of Fame, 315/568-2936)

Tired of Reading About Bosnia, Burma, Mozambique, Etc. Without Knowing What To Do?

A suggestion: contact The Women's Commission International Rescue Committee, 386 Park Ave. South, NY 10016 (212)679-0010

Trees and Sympathy

Feminist legend Kate Millett has a Christmas tree farm cum Arts Colony. For information contact Millett Tree Farm, 20 Old Overlook Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Sisterly Warning to the Getting Even Goddess

Yes, the punishment should fit the crime. But you made the political much too personal with Casey, Specter and Dole by sending thunderbolts to get 'em in the heart, brain and balls.

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