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Sexuality and Lesbianism

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Links, terminology, and information about lesbianism and sexuality.
Sexuality and Lesbianism EServer Gender and Sexuality Collection
A list of internet resources that discuss issues of gender and sexuality.
Sexuality and Lesbianism A Girls' Guide to Condoms
Mimi Coucher
A comical, yet educational look at condoms from the a woman's perspective.
Sexuality and Lesbianism Lesbian Bodies in the Age of (Post)Mechanical Reproduction
Cathy Griggers
The author argues that lesbian bodies are becoming "broadcast," "techn-culture," and "mainstream" and explores the various significations of the lesbian body in modern discourse.
Sexuality and Lesbianism Nymphomania
Annalee Newitz
Argues that people in the late 20th century no longer have sex because of biological necessity but because it has become a desirable idea. She also critiques the way in which nymphomania, a recognized psychological disorder, is treated as a "normal" character trait.
Sexuality and Lesbianism Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Glossary
Text of a pamphlet which defines common terms in the gender- and sexual-identity communites, including androgeny, butch, camp, drag, femme, and transvestite.

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