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Essays and References

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Writings on women's health issues.
Essays and References Body Image and "Eating Disorders"
Chapter three of the 1992 Barnard/Columbia Women's Handbook. Discusses the disjunction between women's "real" and "ideal" body images and the relationship between body image and the economy.
Essays and References Preventing Breast Cancer
Reprinted from Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, #418 (December 1, 1994), published by the Environmental Research Foundation. Article discusses the definition and causes of breast cancer along with steps to prevent/delay breast cancer growth.
Essays and References Women and AIDS: Selected References (1986-1991)
Bonnie F. Mangan
Bibliography of resources on Women and AIDS (from 1986-1991) compiled in July 1991 for the Congressional Research Service. Contains resources in three categories: research and epidemiology; social, political, legal, and ethical issues; and education and prevention.

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