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Feminist Theory

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Links and information covering feminisms, feminist theory, and women's history.
Feminist Theory Choice is the Power of Feminism
Ali P. Crown
Feminist Theory The Women's Studies Email List
A compilation of messages from the Women's Studies email list.
Feminist Theory The "Cultural Elite" and the Rest of Us
Feminist Theory Feminisms
C. T. Moore et al
Provides detailed definitions of many of the varieties of feminism, including both academically-recognized sub-categories (e.g., Marxist and Socialist Feminism) as well as pop-culture feminist categories (e.g., "Amazon Feminism").
Feminist Theory Feminist Theory: An Overview
Elizabeth Lee
An overview of feminist theory that focuses specificially on feminist literary theory, its changes over time, and its relationship to gender theory
Feminist Theory Feminist Theory Website
Provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world.
Feminist Theory The Struggle for Feminist Purity Threatens the Goals of Feminism
Daphne Patai
Patai discusses the tough issues of identity politics, separatism, and essentialism within the feminist movement and offers suggestions for how these can be overcome.
Feminist Theory Subject to Debate
Women have been unfairly blamed for a lot of things over the years. But poverty? Women cause poverty? That is the emerging bipartisan consensus, subscribed to by players as far apart as Charles Murray and Eleanor Holmes Norton, Dan Quayle and Bill Clinton, National Review and The New York Times.
Feminist Theory The Women's Movement - Our History
A brief history of the women's movement.

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