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Writings that examine works by other authors, religious issues, and personal histories.
Academic Papers Chopin and Schopenhauer: Similar Names, Similar Philosophies
Trunzo examines the striking correlation between Shopenhauer's philosophy in "The World as Will and Representation" and Chopin's study of Edna Pontillier in "The Awakening," looking particularly at the cycle of desire and the salvation in the arts.
Academic Papers Divisions that Kill: The Enemy Without and Within
Suzanne Pharr
Pharr discusses the efforts of the Christian Right to divide women "from within," thereby preventing a fully unified front against patriarchy.
Academic Papers Memoir of Aphra Behn
Montague Summers account of the personal history of Aphra Behn, the first Englishwoman to earn her livelihood by authorship.
Academic Papers Of Arms and the Woman
Michael Lind
Article that discusses Chnthia Enloe's book The Morning After: Sexual Politics at the End of the Cold War. Lind's dialogue with Enloe's text examines feminist international relations theory and its various manifestations.
Academic Papers Woman's Education According to Rousseau and Wollstonecraft
Heather E. Wallace
Essay that discusses Jean Jacques Roussea and Mary Wollstonecraft's views toward the education of women, highlighting the "novel" idea that men and women should be educated together.
Academic Papers Changing Literary Representations of Lilith and the Evolution of a Mythical Heroine
Research project by Amy Scerba (M.A. Literary and Cultural Theory, Carnegie Mellon University), completed April 1999. Scerba traces the development of the mythical figure Lilith from early Jewish texts through the Romantic period. This study culminates in a discussion of how Dante Gabriel Rossetti aided in Lilith's transformation from a demoness to a feminist heroine.
Academic Papers The Exit Meeting

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