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Women in the Professions

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Documents about women's experiences in the workplace.
Women in the Professions Becoming a Computer Scientist
Amy Pearl, Martha E. Pollack, Eve Riskin, Becky Thomas, Elizabeth Wolf, and Alice Wu.
November 1990 report by the Association for Computing Machinery on the status of women in computing science. Originally published in Communications of the ACM, Volume 33, Number 11, pp 47-58 (November 1990).
Women in the Professions Facts About Women in the Military, 1980-1990
Factsheet produced by the Women's Research and Education Institute that disucsses roles for women in the military, how women in the military are viewed by the public, and the role of minority women in the military. Also includes timelines for women's involvement in each branch of the military.
Women in the Professions Fact Sheet on Women's Political Progress
Statistics on the involvement of women in various governmental offices, including senator, state representative, governor, attorney general, and others. Originally published by the National Women's Political Caucus, March 1993.
Women in the Professions I'm a Stranger Here Myself: A Consideration of Women in Computing
Janet Cottrell
Originally published by the Association for Computing Machinery, 1992. The author discusses the discrepancy between the number of women earning computer science degrees and those in the computer-related workforce. This essay answers the questions: What happens between undergraduate classes and final career choice? Why are women so underrepresented among computing and engineering faculty? And why should we in user services be concerned?
Women in the Professions Student Ratings of Professors Are Not Gender Blind
Susan A. Basow
Basow argues that student ratings of professors (as evidenced in student evaluation forms) may be biased against women in subtle but significant ways and that female professors are often judged on a double standard.
Women in the Professions Where Were the Women? A Critical Question for Latin America's Left
Women in the Professions Women and Computer Science
This site, maintained by Ellen Spertus at Mills College, contains information on the history of women in computing as well as links to other on-line resources for women interested in computer science.
Women in the Professions Women in the U.S. Military: Selected Data
Statistics on women in the U.S. military from fiscal year 1992. Compiled by the Defense Manpower Data Center of the Department of Defense

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